Maja Grätz

1. What is the best advice ever received?

Surround yourself with the Right People. Choose your boss carefully and only work for someone, who is strong enough to let you grow and who will fight for you when necessary. Do the same thing for your team. Do the same thing in your private life – a strong private network gives you feedback and support.

2. What gets you out of bed every morning?

Every new day brings new opportunities to learn and to change the world for better! And sometimes it’s just about taking a coffee and looking jointly with my kids into our garden and watching the squirrels, which are getting ready for winter…

3. What are your next milestones?

Support the integration & transition of Unitymedia into Vodafone and ensuring that our people find a great place within the company to support the Vodafone Vision: we connect for a better future.

4. What is your best analog moment?

Go out for a ride on my racing bike and riding downhill with high speed feeling the wind and sun on my skin – no other thought, just enjoying the moment.