Claudia Falkinger

1. What is the best advice ever received?

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride! Be grateful for all good and bad that happens on the way, because you can learn a lot in each and every situation. And most importantly: have fun!

2. What gets you out of bed every morning?

Firstly: the alarm on my smartphone. Secondly: the awesome and inspiring people I am surrounded with. Thirdly: the curiosity that drives me to explore and to create new things each and every day.

3. What are your next milestones?

To get diversity on every agenda as in times of digital transformation we need inclusion-centred approach more than ever before. Also, only travelling by night train for short distance trips in Europe by 2020.

4. What is your best analog moment?

Power hugs and high fives with my colleagues, friends and family – in times of success as well as failure.