InspirationsSalon: Brand Management Between Digitalization and Sustainability

Getting to know new people brings fresh ideas for one’s business and a better understanding of other ecosystems. However, big events bear the risk that you won’t meet people from relevant topics you are interested in. That is why we have teamed up with Jan Möllendorf to curate the InspirationsSalon

InspirationsSalon with Elisa Klinkenberg

Are you interested in getting to know fascinating and business-relevant people at a high level event in a small group setting?

We want to make this possible with the InspirationsSalon. After positive feedback from previous occasions, we would like to expand the format and bring decision-makers together to learn from each other and create exciting synergies.

An innovative get-together made up of a maximum of 20 people.
Start-ups, well-known companies, politicians, and representatives of associations are represented – as well as special guests.

Each time curated by CURAZE together with Jan Möllendorf on a special topic.

One of the mainstays of the InspirationsSalon will always be an artist – because new perspectives create new inspiration.

On July 12th, we start the series of InspirationsSalon with the topic:

"Brand Management Between Digitalization and Sustainability"

For the first salon, up-and-coming artist Elisa Klinkenberg will join us. In her work, she deals with digititalization and sustainability. And of course, she acts as a brand on the art market.

During the event, Elisa will take us through her path to art and her thoughts on her work. If you would like a sneak peek, we highly recommend the episode of the Business Punk Podcast with Elisa!

The event will take place live in Berlin on July 12th, 2022 and is sure to bring memorable inspiration!

Schedule of Events:

18:30   Welcome drink & introduction to Elisa’s artwork

19:30   Seated dinner with a seat swap

22:30   End

Invite by invitation only. If you feel you fit to the topic, we look forward to receiving your application.

Email: to apply.



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