Best Business TED Talks

The entrepreneurial path is an exciting one. However, whether you are an advanced businessman or businesswoman or just a newbie in the field, it’s always crucial to learn and evolve. One of the best ways of gaining knowledge is through the experiences of others: Here are the best Business TED Talks to help you with your career!

Best Business TED Talks

Rob Cooke, Relationship Manager for high net-worth individuals: ‘The Cost of Work Stress – And How To Reduce It’

A fascinating TED Talk on one of the most current topics of the year: stress. Rob Cooke provides insightful facts on how stress is impacting the economy in a massive way by reducing productivity and increasing health care costs. He also discusses how it is related to and wellness as well as our diet. In his well-researched presentation, Cooke also argues how stress is perceived as a side effect, when in reality it’s part of our culture ­– our work culture, that is, where personal wellbeing in not a priority. That needs to change. He also explains why we should treat mental health and overall well-being with the same mindset as retirement!

Sara Sanford, Equity expert: ‘How To Design Gender Bias Out Of Your Workplace’

In this TED Talk, Sara Sandford focuses on questioning how and why women’s self-doubt on the workplace is still so common nowadays. She argues that even though there has been progress in terms of opportunities for women, the last decade hasn’t shown enough of a shift – some experts predict that we will close the gender gap only in 2119! She explains what needs to change and why training is not enough. Sanford also gives insights on the thrilling gender equity playbook – she partnered up with University of Washington and created the first certification for gender parity in US businesses. Fascinating!

Amy C. Edmondson, Leadership expert: How To Lead In a Crisis’

When a crisis comes along, so does urgency to shift and adjust. Amy C. Edmondson talks about how difficult situations generate fear, and observes that what employees need is the sense of security. She suggests that in such circumstances, communication, transparency and creating a sense of psychological safety are key. She also explains how crucial it is for leaders to keep their values and purpose during the tough times and that giving power away is one of the most powerful and effective tools.

Paco de Leon, Financial expert: The Secret To Being a Successful Freelancer’

This TED Talk will be especially useful for those who are thinking of becoming freelancers, or are just starting on this path. Paco de Leon shares some good news, starting by challenging the perception that freelancers have to choose between creativity and steady income. She assures that being an artist, or a creative in general, doesn’t have to mean that you can’t make money. Her key advice: Don’t underestimate the value of your work. She reveals that research is key, whether in marketing, taxes or advertising your business. Finally, she provides practical advice on how to set yourself apart and get noticed.

Richard Coffin, Educator: ‘How do investors choose stocks?’

With over one billion stocks traded every day on the New York Stock Exchange alone, it can seem overwhelming to tackle the topic. There are over 43,000 companies listed on stock exchange globally. Patrick Lencioni aims to answer a key question: How do investors decide what to buy? What are the benefits of investing in securities? He explains exactly what stocks are, how they work, the challenges and opportunities that come with investments and the best tactics for individual investors.



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